Other Sanctions

Community Service: Students are often required to complete Community Service hours as a sanction in a variety of cases. Community Service is a positive way for students to give back to their campus and community. 

Community Service hours that you are required to complete as a member of a Registered Student Organization WILL NOT count for sanctioned community service hours. The student is permitted to complete a portion of the hours through academic initiatives such as attending programs with the Professional Development Institute, Enhanced Learning Center, tutoring sessions, etc., but these hours must be verified by a University Faculty or Staff member.


Parental Notification (under 21) A letter will be sent to the student’s permanent address, detailing that they were found responsible for an alcohol or drug related violation and what the assigned sanctions are. This letter does not detail the incident; this letter does not give the parent access to the full case, but makes them aware of the responsibility and the sanctions.


Restitution: If damage is done to property, a student may be expected to pay restitution. The amount owed may be disclosed in the hearing, or the student will be notified at the earliest possible date after repairs have been made. The student is to bring a cashier’s check or money order ONLY to the hearing officer. Please leave the payee line blank and the hearing officer will fill it out and deliver the restitution to the appropriate party. Please not that a hold will be placed on your student account until the restitution is paid in full.


No Contact Order: A No Contact order means that a student has been directed to have no written, verbal, or third party contact with a specifically stated person. Violation of the No Contact Order can lead to immediate interim suspension until such time as the case has been heard and decided. 


Letter of Apology: The student may be required to compose a letter of apology to a specific party involved in the incident. This letter should reflect an understanding of the inappropriateness of the student’s actions and the impact it had on the letter’s recipient. The student should be advised that this letter will be screened prior to being forwarded to the recipient. A copy will also be maintained in the student’s judicial file. The student should be further advised that this letter may not serve to justify the student’s own actions nor evaluate the actions of others. This letter should utilize appropriate language, grammar, and spelling. The letter is to be written in the format of a formal business letter. If the letter fails to meet the standards described herein, the letter may be returned for revisions to the student and the sanction will not be considered complete. The student must return two signed printed copies of this letter to the hearing officer.


Counseling: The student may be required to attend Counseling. The student will be required to comply with the professional recommendation of the mental health professional and must provide documentation to indicate that you are actively engaged. Additionally, termination of counseling should be at the discretion of the mental health professional. The student is required to sign a Consent Form granting permission for the mental health counselor to release information to the Hearing Officer.

The selection of the practitioner is the choice of the student; although the student may choose to utilize Counseling and Psychological Service (CAPS) in Pat Walker Health Center. To schedule an appointment with CAPS and participate in an intake meeting call (479) 575-5276.


Mentoring and Persistence Program: The student may be required to participate in the Mentoring and Persistence Program (MAPP). MAPP is designed to support students whom a university hearing officer has determined could be at risk of failing to persist at the University, and/or has demonstrated a substantial lack of campus engagement by focusing on their strengths. The student is required to comply with the directive of his/her mentor. The frequency and duration of MAPP is at the discretion of the mentor, and he/she will determine the specific track the student will follow. The student will be contacted by their assigned MAPP mentor to arrange an intake meeting, and the student must reply to that email to set up a meeting within five (5) business days.


Restorative Justice Conference: When a student is remorseful, takes responsibility for their actions, and wants to repair the harm from an incident, they may be referred to a Restorative Justice Conference. A conference brings together those who were impacted by an offense, including those who were harmed, those who were responsible for causing the harm, and relevant community members. Through a facilitated dialogue they discuss what happened, what harm was done, and determine the best ways to repair harm and improve relationships. Purpose: To give the student the opportunity to learn about the impact of his/her actions, share his/her experience, rebuild relationships, and become empowered to repair the harm that has been done. In previous restorative justice sessions, 100% of respondents who participated in the process agreed the discussion helped to repair the harm caused by the incident.  


MADD Panel: The student may be required to participate in the Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) Victim Impact Panel meeting and provide documentation of this meeting. To participate in this program, the student must pre-register online t the following website: http://www.armadd.org/victim_impact_panel_.html. The cost of this program is $10.00 and must be paid in the form of a money order.


Meeting/Interview with Faculty/Staff Other: The student may be asked to shadow or interview a faculty, staff, or community member who can give them additional insight into their incident. 


Research Paper/Journal Entries: The student may be required to write a paper regarding a topic that relates to their specific incident. This paper is expected to have proper grammar, spelling, and not violate any policies of Academic Integrity. 


Shadow UAPD/Other University official: The student may be required to shadow a UAPD or University Official; this person will be notified that the student is expected to contact them and arrange this experience. 


Enhanced Learning Center: The student may be required to meet with Anne Raines with the Enhanced Learning Center, or her designee, to discuss Time Management, Test Anxiety, etc. The student is REQUIRED to comply with all recommendations made by Ms. Raines. The student may contact Ms. Raines at anner@uark.edu to schedule this first appointment.