University Reprimand

In cases of minor violations, students will be placed on a warning status for one (1) calendar year. 


University Censure

A University Censure is a warning similar to, but more serious than, a University Reprimand. A student may be placed on University Censure for a specified period not to exceed a student's graduation. 


Conduct Probation

This sanction is imposed when a student's actions are found to be serious, but not serious enough to warrant Suspension or Expulsion. The disciplinary authority shall indicate the length of the probationary period. A student who is placed on Conduct Probation is considered not to be in good standing with the University. In the event of a further violation of this Code while on Conduct Probation, the VCSA/DOS or designee will generally seek the penalty of Suspension. During the period of Conduct Probation, the student is prohibited from maintaining and/or obtaining a leadership position with University of Arkansas affiliate organizations.



Suspension involves withdrawal of enrollment privileges for a specified period of time and ordinarily carries with it conditions that must be met for re-enrollment. During the period of suspension, the student may not come onto campus, except when specifically authorized in writing by the VCSA or designee. Failure to abide by this condition may result in arrest for trespassing and/or further disciplinary sanctions. Suspended students are not permitted to live or board in University facilities or approved student organization housing (i.e., facilities owned by the University and leased to a student organization). Re-enrollment after a Suspension requires that the student apply to the VCSA or designee at the close of the imposed period. The VCSA or designee determines whether the student has met the conditions imposed and is otherwise eligible for re-enrollment. 



Expulsion is a permanent dismissal from the University.