What is the role of an Advisor?

The advisor, upon request of the student, may:

  1. Advise the student concerning the preparation and presentation of his/her case. 
  2. Accompany the student to all meetings and conduct proceedings.
  3. Ask questions regarding the process
  4. In cases involving sexual or violent offenses, the alleged victim may have an advisor or  support person present during all meetings and conduct proceedings that the alleged victim attends. This person is in attendance to provide emotional support to the alleged victim.
  5. If the student has received a suspension of ten (10) or more days or expulsion, the advisor or support person for both an alleged victim and a respondent may fully participate during the disciplinary appeal proceeding.


The advisor MAY NOT:

  1. Speak on behalf of the student throughout the disciplinary process.
    1. This includes, but is not limited to, addressing the Hearing Panel, presenting evidence, making objections or statements, asking questions of any party or witness or otherwise participate in the hearing.
  2. Delay, disrupt or interfere with the proceedings.


The advisor is expected to:

  1. Act in a professional and courteous manner.
  2. Be mindful that the Student Conduct process is educational in nature, not penal.