Sealing of a Student Conduct Record

Generally, most student conduct records are sealed 7 years after the final decision is delivered to a student. Student conduct records may be sealed earlier by the Office of Student Standards and Conduct at the directives of the Dean of Students. Students or Graduates may submit a petition to the Dean of Students to have their conduct record sealed. The term "Record Sealing" refers to when a student's conduct record cannot be examined or released except by a court order or designated officials. Student Conduct record sealing will only be considered for students who did not receive an administrative action, suspension, or expulsion as these records are maintained indefinitely. Conduct Record sealing shall be reviewed b the Dean of Students (DOS) or designee. All requests must be submitted in writing including a copy of the student's transcript. A petition for record sealing may not be made prior to one year after the date of the student's last finding of responsibility. Students are eligible to petition for early record sealing if:

  • a. At the time of consideration, the student is within 30 hours of graduation and has achieved senior standing. The student may submit an earlier petition if he/she can demonstrate with documentation that he/she is applying to professional or graduate schools or if there are other meritorious reasons that justify an early review of the student's record.
  • b. Is in good academic standing.
  • c. Have remained free from any new disciplinary matters.
  • d. Have completed all sanctions, on time, by the deadline provided by the hearing officer or AUCB.
  • e. Was not subject to suspension, expulsion, or administrative actions and where further violations would not likely result in suspension or expulsion from the university.
  • f. The nature of the violation(s) did not cause Personal injury, Significant property damage, and/or violate the campus policies regarding weapons, Sexual Misconduct, Sexual Harassment, or Discrimination.

If a student violates the Code of Student Life after his or her record has been sealed, their prior record will be reinstated and  considered in future sanctioning.

Request to Seal Student Conduct Record